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Welcome to the Kanata-March Horticultural Society, serving the Kanata area.
Please join us if you are keen to learn about gardening and would like to socialize with
like-minded members. We offer the following activities to our members.

Presentations by speakers who are experts in their related field
Seed distribution
Annual photography competition
Promoting the protection of the environment
Community gardening
Spring plant sale
Outdoor beautification, and much more.

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January 9, 2024

"Growing Plants from Seed

Ken Brown

Ken Brown Growing Plants from Seed.JPG
Photo by Ken Brown

Gardening expert Kenneth C. Brown, will join our January meeting and draw the average gardener deeper into the joys of horticulture. Everyone who has ever wished for a wider range of flowers and vegetables to plant in their garden will find the answer to their dilemma by perusing the seed racks and catalogs. Ken removes the mystery of starting your own plants from seed by revealing the tips and tricks that horticulturists use to successfully turn a packet of dry, lifeless appearing, seeds into healthy young transplants for our spring gardens. A lifetime of successes and not a few failures have left Ken with a host of interesting and often humourous anecdotes and ideas that will have his audience rushing to their basement light tables to “Dally in the Dirt” in the dead of winter.

This winter meeting will be held via Zoom. Registration by e-mail to is required to obtain the Zoom link to access the meeting, by 5 pm, Monday, January 8th. Cost is $5 for non-members, or become a member and enjoy our full 2024 program for $15.

Best of Show 2023

Best of Show 2023 - Karen Haddon
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