Our meetings are from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Old Town Hall, 821 March Rd (lane way entrance to the Old Town Hall is on Klondike Rd across from Shopper’s Drug Mart) $5 for non-members.

January 7

Sicilian Gardens, Gastronomy Tour and Unexpected Education

Phil Reilly

Local gardening expert and conservationist Phil Reilly joins the Kanata-March Horticultural Society’s January meeting to share experiences and lessons learned from a tour of southeast Sicily led by Paul Zammit, Director of Horticulture at the Toronto Botanical Gardens.  This includes visits to historical sites in the communities of Taormina, Catania and Syracuse, and a wide variety of public and private gardens, and culinary experiences enjoyed along the way.

February 4

Ornamental Grasses

Tim Dyer, Carp Garden Services

Tim Dyer of Carp Garden Services will visit the Kanata-March Horticultural Society’s February meeting to discuss ornamental grasses. Tim believes that ornamental grasses are one of the most underutilized options for garden planting. His presentation will illustrate the different colours, sizes and structures of ornamental grasses, as well as showing the ideal way to incorporate them into the garden.

March 3

Organic Gardening plus Seed Exchange. print template

Rebecca Last, Master Gardener

The focus of the Kanata-March Horticultural Society’s March meeting will be on organic gardening.  Master Gardener Rebecca Last will provide an introduction to the topic of organic gardening, with a focus on growing food. We will also hold our annual “Seed Exchange” at the conclusion of the meeting.


Savvy Choices for Spring

Mary Reid, Master Gardener

As the weather and thoughts turn to spring, Master Gardener Mary Reid joins the Kanata-March Horticultural Society to provide some gardening tips.  This presentation will cover how newer plant introductions fare, where they come from and things to consider before shopping for all the new tantalizing things we read about over the winter.


Peonies: Myths and Reality

Blaine Marchand

Blaine Marchand, leader of the Peony gardening team at the Central Experimental Farm will present an overiew of the genus paeonia and touch on its history and the different types of peonies to the Kanata-March Horticultural Society.  The talk will include discussion of species, lactiflora, tree and intersectional (Itohs) varieties. It will discuss planting, maintenance and dividing plants as well as growing peonies from seed. Reference will be made to Canadian hybridizers, peonies, and suppliers, including the work of A.P. Saunders at the Central Experimental Farm and his contribution to the world of peonies.


48th Annual Plant Sale at Old Town Hall, 8 am-noon

Our 48th Annual KMHS Plant Sale will take place at the Old Town Hall, 821 March Road, on Saturday, May 16th, 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. This is a “rain or shine” event! We sell plants donated by our members at the sale, perennials for sun and shade, edibles (including heirloom tomato plants), small shrubs and house plants.  This is our only planned fundraiser for 2019, with proceeds from this year’s sale supporting our KMHS program and the 3-year revitalization plan for the Molly Wilson Gardens at our meeting place, the Old Town Hall. Prices range from $3 to $10 per plant, cash sales only.


Culinary Delights with Herbs and Edible Flowers

Nancy McDonald, Master Gardener

Herbs are great starter plants for food gardeners, and if you have no garden space, both herbs and edible flowers can be grown successfully in containers.  They will give you the biggest reward in a short period of time with not a lot of work. Talk about bang for your buck!

Master Gardener Nancy McDonald joins the Kanata-March Horticultural Society to increase awareness of some of the edible flowers that may already be growing in your garden. But are you utilizing these edible flowers in your kitchen? Learn what Nancy grows and easy ways she uses both herbs and edible flowers in food preparation.




July and August

Summer Break. Enjoy your garden!

September 8

Flower & Edibles Show and Dessert Potluck

After our summer hiatus, the Kanata-March Horticultural Society presents our annual Flower and Edibles Show, which should be resplendent with both floral and edible entries of late-summer bounty! Following the judging of the entries, we will hold a dessert potluck and take time to admire the entries submitted by our members.

October 6

The Wonderful World of Orchids

Janet Johns, VP Ottawa Orchid Society

Orchids have captured the imagination for centuries. With an introduction to the unique characteristics, variation and habitat of these exotic plants, learn how to keep them blooming in your home. Janet Johns, Vice-President of the Ottawa Orchid Society visits the Kanata-March Horticultural Society to discuss 

- Where and how orchids grow in the wild and why orchid culture is a challenge.

- Key factors that will keep tropical orchids alive in your home (these follow from the above).

- Basic characteristics of tropical orchids.

- A brief description of several of the more common genera for Canadian indoor gardening

and where to find them.

- Orchid lore, unique features of species and the business of orchids 

November 3

KMHS AGM & Seasonal Greenery

Tim Dyer, Carp Garden Services

At the conclusion of the Kanata-March Horticultural Society’s November meeting, Tim Dyer of Carp Garden Services will join us to provide a demonstration of how to assemble some seasonal décor with fresh greenery. Tim’s demonstrations will include how to make a centrepiece, a wreath and a planter.   

December 1

Year end Potluck Supper and Photo Competition Results

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