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February 7, 2023

Three Tenors +1 V2.jpg

“The Three Tenors +1”

Iris, Peony, Daylily and Lily

Ken Brown

Gardening expert Ken Brown (“Dallying in the Dirt”), joins us via Zoom to discuss what he considers to be the backbone of any perennial garden: Iris, Peony, Daylily and Lily. Ken has at least a hundred Iris varieties in his garden and he allows several of the other three some of the left over room. There is no doubt in Ken’s mind that the Iris is the Queen of the perennial garden with its fabulous blooms but they do not last forever and their foliage is not their best feature. By adding Peonies and Daylilies to his garden Ken extends the flowering season and introduces some other colours and foliage. In this presentation, methods of propagation and planting, and a look at the care and feeding of these wonderful plants, are sprinkled through an overview of their amazing range of sizes, colours and textures as Ken humorously shares with his audience, his enthusiasm and affection for these horticultural delights.

This is a virtual presentation. Advance registration is required by February 6th, 5 pm by email at

$5 for visitors or become a 2023 member for $15. e-transfer at

March 7, 2023

Getting a Head Start on the Summer Growing Season

Rob Stuart

Rob Stuart from the Master Gardeners of Ottawa-Carleton joins us to discuss the preparation and timing of growing your own plants in anticipation of summer. Topics to be covered are sowing vegetables, annuals, and some quick growing perennials. Rob will also discuss the types of soil, pots, watering, light and temperatures required for starting plants ahead of outdoor gardening season, as well as how to grow your seedlings and how to harden them off. In addition, he will also address the starting of plants from tubers and rhizomes. All in all, this presentation will help you get your garden off to a great start this summer! This will be a virtual presentation.

This is a virtual presentation. Advance registration is required by March 6th, 5 pm by email at

$5 for visitors or become a 2023 member for $15. e-transfer at

April 4, 2023
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Gardening Basics

Claire McCaughey

With the beginning of Spring only weeks away, many people are excited about buying new plants or planting seedlings they started from seed themselves. Claire McCaughey from the Master Gardeners of Ottawa-Carleton joins us to discuss how to master the basics of gardening and ensure success with your gardens and plants. This presentation is about the basic knowledge which is essential to gardening success whether you are a novice or an experienced gardener. The basics include among others the following topics: soil and soil conditions, watering, soil amendments and fertilization, pests and diseases, and plant selection and planting. Claire will help us understand gardening as a journey not a destination. Enjoying the journey is part of the pleasure of gardening.

May 2, 2023
Christmas Fern Crozier.jpg
June 6 , 2023
September 5 , 2023

Native Ferns of the Ottawa Valley

Lis Allison

Did you know that about 40 species of ferns call the Ottawa Valley home? Or that there are ferns for almost every habitat? Lis Allison of Pine Ridge Studio and Gardens joins the Kanata-March Horticultural Society’s May meeting to discuss ferns that are native to the Ottawa Valley. Lis will discuss a little bit about ferns in general, more about our local ferns in particular, and a lot about how to integrate them into a garden. Ferns are a great addition to any garden, and most of them are not invasive, no matter what you’ve heard!

Take your photography to the next level

Ross Laing

Photographer and keen gardener Ross Laing joins the Kanata-March Horticultural Society’s June meeting, to provide us with tips to improve our gardening photography. Ross will focus on the distinction between taking pictures vs. making pictures. Attendees will review images that illustrate 10 common photography mistakes to be avoided, followed by 20 ways and techniques to improve their images. The presentation will be of particular interest to members new to photography or more experienced photographers looking to refresh their picture-making skills. There will be ample opportunity to ask questions after the presentation.

KMHS Flower & Edible Show  (Click here for more details)

October 3 , 2023
October 2023 3.jpg


Decorate with Fall Floral and Garden Arrangements

Angela Firman of Wild Roots Floral & Garden will join us to demonstrate how we can create seasonal arrangements using fresh-cut flowers and garden plants.  Angela will provide us with tips and tricks to create beautiful tablescapes at home, just in time for Thanksgiving! 

November 7 , 2023
Vines at KIN.jpg

Wine Making in the Ottawa Valley

Vineyards in the Ottawa area?  Absolutely! Brian Hamilton, Winemaker for KIN Vineyards in Carp will join us to discuss the process of creating cool-climate wines in our area.  The presentation and discussion will include our distinct terroir, sustainable farming philosophies, viticultural challenges and solutions, seasonal activities, and winemaking.

December 5, 2023

Annual General Meeting


Christmas Pot Luck Supper

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